Our Services

Our goal is to take the delivery burden out of your daily activities. By integrating your e-commerce website with our platform, your delivery request will be sent automatically to one of our drivers, without any need for manual work from your team. 

We want to focus on making the process easy and smooth for you because we know you already have a lot to worried about.


2 Hour Delivery

Just like food delivery apps we provide on-demand delivery service. Request a courier in minutes and have your items delivered within an hour or two.

Same Day Delivery

Sometimes two hours is not long enough, thus we allow your customer to choose a delivery slot, for that same day, that suits his needs best.


Platform Integration

Integrate your eCommerce website with our platform to enjoy the smoothest last-mile delivery service. Stop filling out extensive forms for every order, your team will only need to pack the products and hand the packages to our drivers. 

Smooth Returning Experience

We all know that buying online can be a bit of a hassle, specially when there are different sizes involved. With this in mind, we have smooth and convenient returns process so your customers can return the products they don't want to keep. But, we also know that returns are the biggest issue for companies that are selling online and we are here to help.

Give a world-class experience to your customers.
We will take care of the deliveries for you.