About Hestia Delivery

Hestia is a logistics company specialized in Last-Mile Delivery. By focusing our service in urban areas, our clients can use their stores to fulfill their online orders, providing fast and smooth deliveries.

Our mission is to provide an Amazon-like experience to all online businesses no matter their size. This experience should be fast and simple for every customer. Thus, to make this a reality we had to step up the game and started working in the delivery process, in particular the last-mile delivery. Our client's customers are the center of everything we do and our delivery process mirrors this company rule.


Our Process Flow

We are as customer-centric as you are. It all starts and ends with the customer. A good delivery experience is as relevant as the speed of your platform or even your user interface. Knowing this, our entire process was developed with your customer in mind.


the Order

As soon as your customer places an order, using our integration, our platform should receive all the mandatory delivery details 


Preparing the Products

Your Store/warehouse's staff will prepare the order instantly to make sure it is ready to be picked up by one of our drivers as soon as possible

Courier is Selected for that Delivery

We will automatically select the closest and best-suited driver to deliver your package in the shortest amount of time


Package is Delivered

The products are delivered to your customer in a maximum period of two hours after the order was placed.


Give a world-class experience to your customers.

We will take care of the deliveries for you.